Human Needs

This chapter describes the fundamentals of human need psychology to identify the state of a person in terms of why one does what he does in given contexts of coping with life situations. In personal or workplace situations we cannot avoid challenging situations based on other’s reactive tendencies many a times. To pace and lead in such circumstances one must be aware enough to identify the status of someone’s behavioral pattern and how to pace with them and then lead them through to a desired mental state. This chapter explains the behavioral triangle with which one can easily understand the state of a person in relationship or communication. And with such comprehension the reader is best equipped to decide on his steps to break in to the other person and gain the confidence of the other person in relationship be it personal or social or professional. This wisdom greatly eliminates misunderstanding by in depth ability to understand the other person’s state based on his behavioral patterns and communication patterns that they exhibit in any communication. This chapter not only explains in depth the six fundamental human needs but also seven master steps to create lasting change within the reader. It is insightful in guiding the reader by asking probing questions to self to understand reader’s own pattern or default nature and take his self-awareness to a much higher level.