Understanding the Meaning of Success in Life with Purpose

We all have an intrinsic need to be successful. However, we sometimes face several crossroads in context to our life or career situations when we need to redefine success in context to our inner call, self-worth, and our self-identity. Without understanding what success is and what it is not, in given contexts, you may tend to take inappropriate steps to forge ahead and when you actually reach your goals, your inner conscience admits this is not it. This chapter clearly defines while you are about to embark on your individual path, what real success is and what is not to settle the dust of confusions in your mind in this direction of attaining complete clarity in mind. This chapter succulently allows the reader to gain insights to achieve an absolute clarity in mind so that one can become certain about setting his success goals with priority on attaining a higher purpose aligned to the individual. And while we all are inherently looking for achieving a total wellness in our lives, sometimes due to partial clarity on the well formed outcomes or desired goals in our mental vision, we miss being on the right direction or scale on the appropriate walls of fame. This chapter vividly provides a clear understanding of what is a wholesome wellness and how you may attempt to achieve them to set your mind in the most essential frame and perspective during the creative stage of planning your focus, activities and choosing a path in line with your true calling. In essence, this is a mental foundation creating chapter for the reader.